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What if regular health workers in non-urban geographies who don't have adequate clinical expertise are equipped to diagnose patient health conditions?
Electronic Patient Analysis & Measurement System (ePAMS) is an IoT edge computing device that facilitate full fledged primary and secondary healthcare services for remote locations. Manufactured and developed at our R&D lab, ePAMS core can connect 15 medical sensors like ENMscope, stethoscope etc. and peripheral devices like printer, scanners etc. to capture up to 48+ vitals in real time.

This device can transmit patient data in real time on low bandwidth network or without internet connections. Its consume lesser power and don't required any clinical expertise for day to day operations.


Functional specifications

  • Provides clinical assistance to health worker for capturing patient's health conditions by guiding him during health assessment process and investigations. 
  • It can detect and diagnose the common health conditions, Anemia, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease, Common Eye, Ear, Nose, Mouth & Skin disorders, Fevers(7 types), Hormonal imbalances, Non communicable diseases including CVDs, Diabetes, Chronic lung disease & Child care etc. 


Technical specifications

  • Intel i3, 1.8GHz dual core 64-bit processor with 4Gb RAM & 64Gb SSD storage capacity to deliver fast performance during peak hours.
  • GSM, WiFi & LAN ports for faster internet access.
  • Delivered with installed DoctorKePaas Telehealth platform client.