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DoctorKePaas CLINICAL ASSISTANCE PLATFORM ​(नैदानिक सहायता प्लेटफॉर्म) has been designed to bridge the gap between healthcare service providers & consumers by digitizing healthcare delivery process. It empower: 
  • general health workers to capture(and manage) patients health conditions by providing assistance to identify relevant clinical Signs & Investigations.
  • medical practitioners to diagnose those patients effectively in lesser time compared to physical visits.
Further this platform also provide remote medical consultations interface for Doctor-Patient interaction and REDUCES the occurrence of CLINICAL NEGLIGENCE by 40%. 

DoctorKePaas address the following needs of a Primary Health Care system:
  • Provide reliable & secure (hipaa compliance) communication channel for Doctor-Patient interaction
  • Inbuilt clinical intelligence to assist health worker for capturing Patient's health condition
  • Provides clinical assistance to medical practitioners for diagnosing various health conditions effectively via inbuilt clinical decision support system
  • Facilitates the complete digitization of primary healthcare services and process
  • Can be operated by general health workers, paramedical staff & healthcare practitioners
  • Link the patient's EHR with their national identity number to retrieve their medical history in case of any emergency
  • Work well on low infrastructure like mobile network & discontinuous power supply

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